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Music Therapy: More the Merrier

Cheryl has the ability to help clients avoid depression and anxiety, thanks to music therapy. She says a husband/wife duet began asking family members and neighbors to join in their music. Numbers grew each music therapy session. By Thanksgiving, 40 family members had rearranged their holiday schedule to participate in Cheryl’s music therapy session. They showed up with their favorite musical instruments, ready to jam and enjoy each other.

“It was an activity they could all do together! It really stuck with me,” says Cheryl. “ I told them the more the merrier and they took me to it.”

Cheryl uses music therapy to ease her patients’ anxiety and reduce pain. I ask my patients questions like: “How can I help you socialize with other people in this new facility?” “How can I help you make friends?” If I have a patient who is not responding to me, I’ll use family as resources by asking for the patient’s favorite childhood song or lyrics that hold special meaning.

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