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Sharon’s Story: Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

I became interested in becoming a volunteer with hospice after both my mother-in-law and father-in-law passed away. Both parents were able to stay in their own home during their last months of life because of Premier Hospice. Everyone affiliated with Premier is caring and dedicated to ensuring patient needs are met. They go above and beyond, equipping family with the resources they need to care for their loved ones and themselves during the grieving process.

Becoming a hospice volunteer is rewarding—lending support to the caregiver and family members of your patients. Something as simple as sitting with a patient so a family member can run errands is appreciated—not only by the patient’s family but also the entire hospice staff.

Premier’s volunteer program is thorough. The coordinators are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact the volunteer coordinator or fill out an application.

One of my most memorable visits to a patient was at a private home. Her daughter, in her young twenty’s, was caring for her mom in her last few months of life. As her mother’s passing became more evident, she was having a difficult time saying goodbye. She did not want to be alone with her mom when she took her last breath. I went to the house to sit with the patient and provide support to her daughter. As we sat at the patient’s bedside, her daughter told me several childhood stories. “My friends thought my mom was the coolest,” she said beaming. “She would drive us to the mall, the movies, and then she’d drive us home too. She was so present in my life—it’s hard to know what to say, now that she’s unconscious.” I explained to her that even though her mom was in a deep sleep, she could still hear her words. I told her I would step out of the room for a few minutes so she could have some time alone with her mom. She should just say what was in her heart. My sweet new friend did just that, and she told me afterwards how relieved she was!

I am so thankful that I chose to become a volunteer with Premier Hospice. It’s experiences like this that make life so rewarding.



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