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What’s New with Premier Home Health?

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Seema’s favorite part of being an occupational therapist is the one-on-one patient care.

“Premier uses technology that makes my life easier,” says Seema. “We can provide better patient care and be more efficient at work and home because of it.”

Seema says she takes great notes because her cases are often complex, making her feel like a problem-solver, connecting all the caregivers involved. Premier holds regular interdisciplinary meetings to get on the same page.

Seema’s first patient could not stand or even sit up; he only spoke Spanish, adding more complexity. Seema worked to improve her Spanish and opened up communication with family members and doctors. They discovered his right shoulder was also out of socket and he had poor muscle control. Within two to three months, the patient was able to use right arm with no pain or limitation. He could walk and shower by himself. His self-diabetic-management was much improved. “He’s my success story,” says Seema.

Premier promotes work and family life balance. Seema is able to attend her son’s activities and has flexibility with her schedule when her son is ill. “This company is transparent and empathetic towards our needs. It’s been a good fit for our family.”


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